SCHOOL VISITS INFO | Julian Sedgwick


Patron of Reading at Leighton Park School 2017 - 2020
Regular visiting author at Wellington International Shanghai
Guest Speaker Cambridge Faculty of Education PGCE
Workshop resources created for Japan Society


Some feedback from SCHOOL VISITS...

" 'Exciting' and 'inspirational' were the words most often used in feedback from pupils following Julian's visit, and I'd certainly agree. The interactive aspects of the presentation really added a Wow factor, and pupils absolutely loved the finale."
Deborah Goodwin, Norwich School

"The whole school was buzzing after his visit. If you are looking for an author to invite into school, who can really deliver, then this is the one for you."
Anne Shaw, Learning Resource Centre Manager, Ely College

"Julian transported us to a different part of the world, but the essence of his stories are universal, existential questions about who we are and what we mean to each other. Julian invested time, making himself available to all the staff he met over and beyond the planned session. This left many of us inspired and enriched by his visit. Now we just need to figure out how to get him back!"
Maud Kennedy, La Chat, ECOLINT Geneva

And some recent student feedback…

"Your visit has made me BEAM!"

"It was interesting and completely different to any other talk! The powerpoint was awesome as well."

"Best author I've ever heard from! Very enthusiastic, funny and got the audience involved! He didn't talk ALL the time which other authors do!"

SCHOOL AND FESTIVAL VISITS are available throughout the year. I hope to use school visits to inspire reading and writing of course, but also to lead to exploration of other cultures and some of the bigger questions of life and society. Please use the contact form to reach me directly to discuss your requirements, fees, book stall and my technical needs.

My main talk - based on
Tsunami Girl and Tokyo Ghost Cafe and the occasionally challenging twists and turns of my own life - is suitable for years/grade 7 - 9.The themes for this presentation are hope and recovery from adversity, and how we can build resilience through the use of creative imagination and storytelling.
I still have a one hour hybrid event structured around the world of
The Mysterium, (and introducing Tsunami Girl) featuring creative influences, a trick or two and culminating in a display of sword juggling. (All delivered from my much travelled circus suitcase below…) Ideal for years/grade 6-8.

Various creative writing workshops are available for years 5 - 13. I enjoy working with writing and reading groups on character development, plotting, rewriting - and have been developing a very rewarding 'haiku blizzard' session, suitable for all ages and abilities. My main workshop at present creates 'Ghost Theatre' settings, inspired by my work in North East Japan and the worlds of Tsunami Girl and Tokyo Ghost Cafe.

Please let me know if you have a specific request for a type of event, no matter how large - or small...


Over 300 past visits include primary year 5 to sixth form, state to private, UK to international schools in Europe and East Asia....

I have been very fortunate to have the chance to deliver a number of task and workshops to schools in Shanghai, both during full lockdown, and return to the classroom. These were through Zoom sessions, and were surprisingly rewarding for all of us involved. From main talks to workshops detailed above it has been very interesting to see what is possible in the current ‘blended’ world of education.

The University of Cambridge PGCE course asked me to deliver a keynote talk to Mentors in June 2020 about my experiences, and I would be glad to share those learnings with any teachers or librarians who are interested. Past festival appearances include repeat bookings for Edinburgh, Hay, Cheltenham, as well as STREAM, Hoo Kids' Bookfest, Cambridge and others..