MYSTERIUM | Julian Sedgwick

Danny's next big trick is survival

Rotherham Children's Book Award 2014

An action packed debut." The Bookseller.


BOOK 1: THE BLACK DRAGON Danny Woo was born and bred in the wild and wonderful Mysterium Circus - a 'new circus' outfit of eccentrics, artists, dreamers and misfits. An extraordinary childhood - but one that has been ripped away from him since the sudden and mysterious death of his parents. When an explosion rocks his boarding school to its foundations, Danny is fired on a journey of discovery to Hong Kong. There, targeted by a dangerous new Triad gang, he must rescue his kidnapped Aunt Laura. And then face an even more deadly threat: the sinister Forty Nine - a global criminal organisation, intent on dealing with unfinished business from the Mysterium's past.

Hodder Children's Books

Book 2: The PALACE of MEMORY Struggling to come to terms with what he has learned in Hong Kong, Danny heads home. When he hears that the Mysterium is to reform in Barcelona without him, he is devastated. In Paris he stumbles on a newspaper article that suggests the Forty Nine may also be active in Barcelona - and rushes to Catalonia to warn his friends. But is there a traitor within the Mysterium and were they responsible for the death of Danny's parents? Why are the police after him? And who is the mysterious woman in a green coat who is stalking Danny and lining him up in her sights?

Hodder Children's Books

BOOK 3: THE WHEEL OF LIFE AND DEATH Reeling from events in Barcelona, the Mysterium company pack up and head for a new circus festival in Berlin. For Danny it is a date with destiny: It was in Berlin that the last Mysterium performance took place - and where his parents perished in the mysterious fire. Danny is closing on the traitor in - or linked to - the company. But a vital last clue is still missing. As the Mysterium pitches camp in Berlin the snow starts to fall once again. At last the truth will become clear - but Danny will face his most deadly escape yet, and he and his closest friends will have to stare into the abyss.

Hodder Children's Books