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The thrilling sequel to
Ghosts of Shanghai

April 2016

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"Imagine a place where nothing is ever stlll, not even the dead in their graves…"

The Shanghai of 1926 is a troubled world of gangsters, spies, superstition and political intrigue. But Ruby Harkner's problems are closer to home: she's at war with her parents, her younger brother is dead and her friends have just gone missing. On top of all that she's started to see ghosts.

Ruby's quest to discover the truth and deal with the past will force her to confront her darkest fear and decide who - and what - to believe.

paperback and ebook available

Ruby and Charlie must follow the Yangtze a thousand miles upriver, through bandit-infested and ghost-haunted countryside - desperate to catch Moonface and rescue Fei.
Everything is in flux around them, and their lives are in danger at every twist and turn of the river's course.
By train, steamboat and foot they close in on Moonface and his hostage, but the Otherworld is very close, and soon it's hard to tell the living from the dead . . .

paperback and eBook available from April 2016
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