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"A high octane adventure…" The Times

"An apocalyptic page turner set in a futuristic England…" Daily Mail You Magazine


written with Marcus Sedgwick and illustrated by John Higgins and Marc Olivent

Walker Books 2013

Christy England - a motorcycle despatch rider keen on keeping her head down in a dystopic near-future London - finds herself framed for a crime she didn't commit.

In a country under threat of fundamentalist rule by the 'True Church', Christy has to join forces with atheist preacher Thomas Aikenhead and embark on a road trip to reveal the truth behind a supposed miracle in the north of England.

Pursued by the Soldiers of Truth and radiated bandits, Christy and her friends must race against time to save the country.
A road trip across an environmentally and socially damaged Britain, Dark Satanic Mills draws on the imagery and words of William Blake, and childhood memories and influences of both Sedgwick brothers.

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