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Born in rural East Kent in 1966 Julian Sedgwick resolved to become a writer at an early age. He and his brother (writer Marcus Sedgwick) relied on their imaginations, and each other, to entertain themselves - inspired by their father’s love of cinema, theatre and storytelling.

Julian took a long detour whilst working out what and how to write - via a degree and a half at Cambridge University reading Oriental Studies and Philosophy, dying his hair various ill-advised colours, working as a bookseller, painter, therapist and researcher for film and TV - before moving into screenplay development and writing.

His first book for children ‘
Mysterium: The Black Dragon’ was published in July 2013 and won the Rotherham Children’s Book Award. The second and third instalments of the trilogy ‘The Palace of Memory’ and ‘The Wheel of Life and Death’ appeared in 2014. The Mysterium is a mid-grade thriller, for children age 9+ and discerning adults.

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The first fruit of collaboration with Marcus - the graphic novel ‘Dark Satanic Mills was published by Walker books and shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal for its illustration work by John Higgins and Marc Olivent.
A second joint project is under way between the brothers...

The opening book in Julian's new supernatural thriller trilogy ‘
Ghosts of Shanghai’ was published by Hodder Children’s in July 2015, followed by sequels 'Shadow of the Yangtze' and 'The Pale Revenant'.

A lifelong interest in the arts and culture of China and Japan has influenced much of his work, as has his fascination with performance, street art and circus.

Julian lives near Ely, Cambridgeshire, with his wife and two sons, waiting impatiently for it to get cold enough to go Fen skating.

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